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sq., for p●ermitting me to copy the suits of armour th▓at I have chosen as types from his fa▓ther’s magnificent volume on Arms● and Armour. Kingsclear, ●Camberley, March 1897. CHAPTER I THE AR▓MY OF THE PEOPLE—TO 1100 All nations ▓have passed, more or less, through the same ●stages in the up-growth of tha▓t military syste

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m which is as essent●ial to the political security of the mass as● the formation of a police forc▓e is necessary for the protection of the▓ individual in civil life.From the outset, th▓e history of human existence has ▓been one of combat. First, in the earl●iest o

  • he sake of● continuity; thoug
  • h, after the ▓date when these
  • were altered, I have, in most
  • ● cases, added their present
  • te▓rritorial titles. I wis
  • h ▓to express my great apprec


f primeval days, archaic● man had to contend with mammoth, cave ●bear, and all the host of extinct ma▓mmals primarily for food, and then for safety ▓when the need for


clearing them▓ away became more and more ap▓parent as population increased.With this in▓crease in numbers grew also the instincti●ve hostility between man and● man.


The desire for conquest is one of h▓is strongest attributes.The stronger has alw▓ays tried to make the weaker su▓bservient; and as time went on, that d●esire was acce

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ntuated by the wish to possess th▓e women or slaves—the terms were then syno▓nymous—of the weaker family. It was no ●mere poetic statement, theref▓ore, that the head of a patriarchal h?/p>


坥usehold felt safe with a body of stalwart ●sons, and was not afraid “to speak with his e▓nemy in the gate.” That old-worl●d text tells volumes, behind which lie▓ sinister pages and detai


ls of f▓amily feud and rapine. 2 But ▓families segregated together● and became tribes; these in their t●urn formed clans under a general head, and th▓is led to the further development of

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● inter-tribal and clannish contest, of which th●e greater wars of the present time are the na●tural outcome. Still, througho▓ut all this pre-historic or semi-histor▓ic time, there was n

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o organisation of w●hat is called an army.Every able-bodie●d mal